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Contacting the Administrators

Below follow some of the email addresses you can use to contact the administrators. The @-sign has been replaced in them with [AT], so you will need to change [AT] to a '@' in the addresses below to make them work. The reason they are changed below is to try avoid spam-mails to these addresses.
If you wish to contact the administrators of the game, mail them at dum[AT]dum.acc.umu.se.
This address is applicable for any urgent messages you need to get to the admins. It is not to be used for asking for help with quests, getting equipment, or hints in exploring.
To become registered or to reclaim a lost password, you need to send a mail to register[AT]dum.acc.umu.se.
Please note that before you send in a mail to get registered, you must read 'help registration', as there are certain procedures that you need to follow.
If you find something you would want the Webmaster to know, send a mail to webmaster[AT]sid.acc.umu.se.
If you wish to contact the Head Admin, mail Kaladrin the Empress of Doom at kaladrin[AT]dum.acc.umu.se.
If you need to contact a priest or any other wizard, please do so within the game itself.