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[ administrators admins administration contact ] ADMINISTRATORS   The administration team of DUMII is made up of a number of administrators   who specialise in different areas according to their expertise. The main   administrator dealing with player issues at this time is:   Head Administrator: Kaladrin the Empress of Doom                       <kaladrin@dum.acc.umu.se>   If you encounter errors in the game, have ideas for new features or merely   wish to give some feedback, you can send a message to the administrators   from within the game by using one of the following commands: BUG, TYPO,   IDEA, PRAISE or REPORT. You can also send an email to dum@dum.acc.umu.se.   For problems relating to player issues, such as cheating, player killing,   or a loss of points during a crash, contact the Head Administrator   or send an email to register@dum.acc.umu.se.   To register your character, update your registration details or receive   a new password, you will need to send an email with all relevent   information to register@dum.acc.umu.se.   When sending in an email to the administrators, please be sure to write   your email in English. Although many players are Swedish (for example),   this does not hold true for all the administrators. Your emails are more   likely to receive the attention they require if they are written in the   language that all the administrators understand, ie English.   See also: REGISTRATION, RULES, PASSWORD, SHOWEMAIL, SERVER, CREDITS,             LANGUAGE, BUG, TYPO, IDEA, PRAISE, REPORT, PRIVACY

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