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[ advice ] ADVICE What follows is some friendly advice. Heed these words, and you will live a long and prosperous life.   * You should not kill people without a good reason to do so. Brainless     slaughter is not evil and it is just boring, especially for the ones     being slain.   * It is not fair to utterly annihilate a player who is of a much     lower level than yourself, and doing so will upset more people than     you probably care to handle.   * Respect is earned and it cannot be conquered. Adventurers who stand     before someone who is far more powerful might want to be careful,     because a nervous-looking boy would be wise not to tell a big horned     demon to sod off if he were to encounter it in a dark alley, whether it     be out of fear or respect. How you wish to act in such situations is up     to you, but remember to think about the possible consequences of your     actions.   * It is not very nice to kill someone over and over and over again.     While it may be fun for you, it is not quite as fun for your victim.     If you feel that you have died an unfair death, contact the Player     Admin, and refrain from insulting your murderer, as it could prove fatal.   * Read all help files thoroughly; especially HELP ROLEPLAYING, HELP     LANGUAGE and of course HELP RULES.   * Take your roleplaying seriously. Create a character that you can enjoy     playing, and interact with other characters in a way that improves the     general atmosphere of the game. Remember that if you do not roleplay,     you can be ruining the game for everyone else.   * Do not spam. Doing it _will_ get you into trouble.          * Never _ever_ page a wizard more than once, and never _ever_ page     them to ask stupid questions such as: "Can you help me kill the     goblin?".   * Treat wizards with respect or fear, whichever you prefer.   * And finally: do not take DUMII too seriously. Play and have fun, but     for everyone's enjoyment, make sure to always follow the rules.   See also: RULES, ROLEPLAYING, LANGUAGE               

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