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[ ages aging ageing ] AGES/AGEING   As your character grows older the following attributes change:     Amount of hit points     Amount of spell points     Miss     Armour     Regen     Spell regen     Second attack     Weight     Strength   The levels of age come in the following order:     Junior     Young     Youthful     Experienced     Seasoned     Matured     Veteran     Senior     Elder     Patriarch     Aged     Venerable     Ancient   The older you get, the longer it takes for your age level to change.   See also: STATISTICS, TITLES

[ dumii machine server host ip acc homepage website sid ] DUMII'S SERVER (sid.acc.umu.se)   DUMII is running on a machine hosted by ACC (Academic Computer Club)   at Umeň University in Umeň, Sweden. During the first few months of 2002,   a number of DUMII's players donated money to upgrade the machine; their   contributions are listed under the credits.   The machine runs Linux (Debian) as its operating system, and is host to   a few games, DUMII being the primary one.   DUMII's IP address is, and the port it runs on is 2001.   For more information about DUMII, visit the homepage at:   http://dum.acc.umu.se   For more information about the machine, see:   http://www.acc.umu.se/technical/hosts/hallen.html#sid   For more information about ACC (Academic Computer Club), go to:   http://www.acc.umu.se   See also: ADMINISTRATORS, CREDITS, SISTERMUDS

[ hideage ] HIDEAGE   This command toggles whether your age is shown in your title or not.   It is recommended that you keep this toggled on, unless it benefits   you for roleplaying reasons to hide it, for example if you are   roleplaying a young character when your age is old, or vice versa.   See also: HIDEALIGNMENT, HIDERANK, AGEING, SCORE, TITLES, WHO

[ language ] LANGUAGE   The language used in DUMII is English (preferably British English). If   you feel the need to use another language for roleplaying reasons, do   not use a real language; rather make one up from scratch.   If you and a friend want to use another language between yourselves, you   may obviously do so, but always use English when talking out loud (eg,   when using SAY or SHOUT), so that other people may understand you.   It is also important to remember that English is the only language spoken   by all the administrators, so if you should need to email them, please   write your emails in English. This will ensure that your message is   understood by all, which in turn will increase your chances of receiving   a quick response to your email.   See also: ROLEPLAYING

[ page ] PAGE <PLAYER>   This command will show the player where you are and that you are looking   for him/her. Stand in a room that is easy to find, and he/she might seek   you out. If he/she does not answer he/she probably does not have time to   find you, or he/she might be very far away.   Remember that most wizards do not like it when you page them too much.   Once is usually enough.   See also: POSE, DEATH

[ statistics regen armour armor miss attacks damage discovered spellregen ] YOUR STATISTICS REGEN;   This is how many hit points you regenerate per minute. SPELL REGEN;   This is how many spell points you regenerate per minute. Your default   spell regen is half your normal regen, rounded down. ARMOUR;   The more armour you have, the harder you are to hit. Note that if you   already have a lot of armour, adding more will not help as much as if   you had had none. MISS;   This is an estimate of how often you miss when you fight. The lower the   value, the better fighter you are. ATTACKS;   This is your chance of scoring two hits in the same round. DAMAGE;   This shows how much damage you and your weapon can do in a fight. The   higher the values, the better the damage. DISCOVERED;   This shows how large a part of the world that you have found. It increases   quickly in the beginning, but the last parts are always the hardest to find.   See also: AGE, INVENTORY, RANK, SCORE

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