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[ alignments ] ALIGNMENTS   The alignments (or churches) in DUMII are one of the central focal points   for roleplay in the game. Whilst it is possible to climb levels without   being aligned, it is strongly recommended that you choose an alignment,   and roleplay accordingly. Unaligneds are not able to gain Immortality,   and will often have a harder time gaining experience and casting spells   than aligneds do.   When you choose an alignment, do not just think of what is the best   alignment from a view of power. This is a role-playing game, and we   recommend that you choose an alignment from that point of view. Once you   have chosen the alignment you wish to join, you will need to speak to a   priest of that alignment in order to join that church.   Below are some of the technical differences between the alignments. Note   that some aspects of these can be different in practice, depending on the   roleplaying environment at the time.   GOOD; (God: MiJak; Holy Symbol: An Oak)     you will not be attacked by Good monsters.     your magic is stronger in Good zones, and weaker in Evil zones.     you cannot use Evil commands.     you should not steal or rob or do other ignoble acts.     you lose a little less experience when you die.   EVIL; (God: AdA; Holy Symbol: A Scythe)     you can be completely restored ONCE if you die (sell your soul).     your magic is stronger in Evil zones, and weaker in Good zones.     you cannot use Good commands.     you can steal, rob, kill players and do other ignoble acts.     your quests might be easier.   NEUTRAL; (God: Reset; Holy Symbol: Scales)     your magic is not affected by the alignment of the zone you are in.     you can use both Good and Evil commands.     you can convert to Good by performing a quest.     you can sell your soul to Evil for HALF a restoration.     you can sacrifice on all altars.   No aligneds may dump, sacrifice or disintegrate any object that is holy   to their alignment. This includes altars, holy symbols or statuettes of   their god; the 'detect' spell, once you have learnt it, will help you   detect whether an item is Holy or not.   See also: PRIESTS, ROLEPLAYING, GOOD, EVIL, NEUTRAL, GRIMOIRE

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