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[ homes houses housing baldorf ] HOMES   It is possible for you to buy your very own home! If you have a home, you   can materialise within it when you enter DUMII, instead of materialising in   other strange places.   You may choose from the following types of home:   1. Shack     Cost: 50 000 goins     This is the most economical alternative in housing. It will not have a     door, but at least you will have a roof over your head.   2. House     Cost: 200 000 goins     This fancy home contains two rooms, each with a fine-looking door. The     doors will have locks fitted and you will be given the keys!   3. Tower     Cost: 500 000 goins     Through history, mighty wizards have lived in tall towers. Now you have     the opportunity to own a tower to live in yourself. It will be four     storeys high and, like a normal house, it will have two sturdy doors to     protect you from the harsh world outside.   4. Castle     Cost: 5 000 000 goins     Live like royalty in your own castle! You will have two mighty     towers and four large rooms at your disposal, suitable for     entertaining and impressing your friends and other guests.     For a few goins more, you could even have a moat added around it     or a dungeon below it.   If you are not willing to spend this much money on a new home, you could   alternatively find someone who is willing to sell you his or her old home!   You can have minor changes made to the building, cheaper than   the price of a new one.   When you have decided that you want your own home, and you have   the funds to pay for it, choose a suitable spot for it and think   carefully about how you want your new home to look. Then send a mail   to Baldorf, the building constructor in charge of new homes, letting   him know of your intentions. He will get back to you at his own   convenience.   Please note that all building plans you make will have to meet up to   Baldorf's standards and requirements, and that he may suggest better   places to build your home, if your choice of location is unsuitable.

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