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[ money goins currency bank ] MONEY   The currency used in the world of DUMII is the goin - a gold coin. Money is   of great value when you need to buy things, pay for services, or bribe   someone. Once you have some money, you can either keep it in your pockets   (it will remain with you when you quit), or you can deposit it in the bank   where it will be kept in safety until you withdraw it.   There are numerous ways in which you can gain money. You may find it   lying around on the ground or in containers, or even on corpses.   You can also sell things to pawnbrokers who will then give you money   in return. Sometimes you can even gain money by completing a small   quest. If you are inclined towards taking money from people without   permission, you can even try robbing.   See also: GET, PILE, POCKET, ROB, SELL

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