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[ draughts draughtboard checkers ] The game of Draughts   To play a game of draughts, you will need a draughtboard and a partner.   The two colours are red and black, with black going first. To move, simply   tell the board where the piece you wish to move is, and then where you wish   to move it, eg, "tell board E6 D5" (or "tell board E6-D5"), to move from   square 'E6' to square 'D5'. The pieces can move only diagonally forwards one   square at a time, moving towards your opponent's side of the board, and have   to land on an empty square.   The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent's pieces. In   order to do this, you must "jump" over them by moving one of your pieces   diagonally over one of your opponent's. For example, "tell board D3 F5"   will make your piece jump from square 'D3', over a piece at square 'E4',   to land on square 'F5'. The piece at 'E4' is then removed from the board.   Note that as with moving, you have to land on an empty square when you   jump, and that you cannot jump over one of your own pieces. Also important   to take note of is that if you are able to jump over any of your opponent's   pieces, you have to do so.     It is also possible to "double jump", or jump more than one piece at a   time. To do this, tell the board all the squares you wish to land on, eg   "tell board C2 A4 C6 E8" to jump from square 'C2' to square 'E8', landing   on squares 'A4' and 'C6' in the process. All the pieces you jump over will   be captured (in this example, the pieces would be those on squares   'B3', 'B5' and 'D7'). As with normal jumping, you cannot jump over   your own pieces, and you have to jump forwards.   If you are lucky enough to reach the other side of the board with one of   your pieces, you will be rewarded! Your piece will be "kinged". Kinged   pieces may move and jump both forwards _and_ backwards, making them very   valuable in being able to capture your opponent's pieces from behind.   Besides being able to move in both directions, though, the kinged pieces   act the same as normal pieces, and can be captured by normal pieces in the   same way that normal pieces capture each other.   The game is over when one player has captured all the pieces belonging to   the other player. The player with pieces still on the board is the winner.     To reset the board for a new game, simply tell it "setup".   See also: BINDINGS, CROSSES, GAMES, KALAH, MASTERMIND, OTHELLO,             SOLITAIRE, SUDOKU

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