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[ @! cmdhistory ] CMDHISTORY   All command lines you write are stored in your command history list   and the cmdhistory command is used to show that list. That list is   used to for repeating an old command line, without having to write it   all again.   The last command line you wrote can be repeated by writing "!" (or "!!").   Older command lines can be repeated by writing "!<prefix>" or "!<number>",   where <prefix> is the beginning of that commandline and <number> is   the command lines number (as shown with the cmdhistory command).   Some mud clients (zMUD for example) have their own command line history   handling and they also use the '!' character for it. They may count   the lines differently compared to DUMII, so you can not rely on the   output from CMDHISTORY with those clients.     See also: HISTORY

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