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[ colourshow colourshow2 colorshow colorshow2 ] COLOURSHOW and COLOURSHOW2   This shows what the various combinations of colours for text and   background look like.   COLOURSHOW2 also shows all xterm's 256-colours, but that   is not supported by so many clients.   See also: COLOURS, MYCOLOURS

[ colours ansi colors ] COLOURS [ <num> [<fg><bg><flags>] ]   Without argument, this command will toggle on or off the sending of ANSI   colours to your screen. Notice: This can create problems with some terminals.   Once you have colours turned on, you can change the default settings to suit   your own preferences.   The available colours are:   n = none (black) r = red            g = green        y = brown   b = blue        m = magenta        c = cyan        w = light grey   N = grey        R = bright red    G = bright green Y = yellow   B = bright blue  M = bright magenta C = bright cyan  W = white   Only the first eight colours are usable as background colours, and on some   terminals the other eight colours will only make the text bold.   If your client supports xterm's 256-colour system, it is also possible   to use E<r><g><b> and S<nr> for RGB and greyscales, both in the foreground   and in the background. <r>,<g> and <b> should be between 0 (black)   and 5 (fully saturated), <nr> should be between 0 (black) and 23 (white).   <flags> can be one, or more, of:     i = invert the foreground and background colour.     _ = underline the text.   The colour codes you can change are these:       0    default colour              3    room titles       4    room descriptions          5    things in a room       6    exits/autoexits            8    enter/leave messages       9    mobiles in a room          10    veterans in a room       11    mortals in a room          12    wizards in a room       13    speaker of a message        14    shouted text       15    spoken text                16    told text       17    actions                    19    attack message       20    hit-texts in a fight        21    flee message       22    kill message                23    hurt message       24    spells                      25    information commands       26    help text                  27    textfiles       28    noise                      31    name of thinker       32    message thought to you      40    weapons in inventory       41    wearable in inventory      42    food in inventory       45    corpses in inventory        46    burning in inventory       47    pocketed in inventory      61    hidden mobiles/players       62    invisible mobiles/players  70    hurt spells in grimoire       71    other offensive spells      72    other spells in grimoire       73    newbie hints                74    mini-death vortex colour   For example: 'colours 0 yn' changes the default colour to brown on black.   To check what colour you have chosen for one particular setting, type   "colours <nr>", where <nr> is the relevant number.   To reset a colour to the default setting, type "colours <nr> default".   To reset all your colours to the game's default, type "colours default".   See also: BRIEF, COLOURSHOW, COMPACTSTYLE, DELIMITER, ECHO, MYCOLOURS,             SETHEIGHT, SETWIDTH, TOGGLE

[ mycolours mycolors ] MYCOLOURS     Shows your current colour settings.     See also: COLOURS, COLOURSHOW

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