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[ syntax command ] COMMAND SYNTAX   DUMII hardly ever distinguishes between lower- and uppercase, so use of   either is accepted.   You may abbreviate almost all input. DUMII is generally very understanding   if you do not want to type yourself to death. One example:   'get the silver ring from the large box', can be abbreviated to 'g r b'.   If there are several things that you can get that begin with 'r', you   will get the first. To get others you can use commands like:   'get the 3rd ring from the 2nd box' ('g 3 r 2 b') and so on.   If you want to get a specific thing you might have to type something like:   'get the box.', where the '.' means that you really want the 'box', not the   'boxer' which you could have got otherwise.   Abbreviation examples: 'get all' ('g a'), 'get all from chest' ('g a c'),   'drop all' ('d a'), and 'drop all but sword' ('d a s').   There are some instances where abbreviations are not accepted, and you will   need to write the word out in full. This is particularly the case with   commands that could get you into trouble if you are not careful with them,   for example commands that can start a fight.   If at any time the game does not understand you, you will get a message that   explains what the game is expecting.   Note also that you can queue commands by using a delimiter. The default for   this is a ';', and whenever you send input to the game that includes a ';',   the game will interpret this as a line separator. For example, if you   type "g a c;d a s", this would be the same as first typing "g a c", then   <RETURN>, then "d a s", and the game will execute those commands one after   the other, spaced at appropriate time intervals. Note that some commands   take slightly longer to execute than others. If you queued too many   commands and want to empty the queue, type a '.' first on the line.   See also: DELIMITER, MACROS

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