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[ communication communicate communications ] COMMUNICATION PRAY[god]<text>    send a message to your god. SAY<text>          say something for other people in the room hear. "<text>              same as SAY. '<text>              same as SAY. TELL<someone><text> say something to someone in particular. ASK<someone><text>  same as TELL. ECHO                toggle echo of SAY/TELL/ASK on/off. SHOUT<text>        shout something. It will be heard in the surroundings. PAGE<someone>      notify someone that you are searching for him/her. WISH<text>          send a message to all immortals in the game. MAIL<someone><text> mail a message to someone. It will cost you 10 goins. MAIL                read your mail, if you have any. MAIL -<n>          rewind your mail <n> messages. NOTES              read note-board (if any). NOTE<text>          put a note on the note-board (if any). TAIL [<n>]          read the last 10, or last <n> entries on a noteboard FIND<text>          search for a string during MORE. HISTORY            read the history of things told and thought to you. REMOVE<n>          remove note <n> from the note-board (if any). ACTIONS            a list of other commands that add life to the game.   Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.   Note that the ACTIONS include interesting ways to say something other   that just saying them. For these, see "actions speech".

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