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[ competitions ] COMPETITIONS   Every now and then, the players of DUMII become involved in a competition.   This can take the form of an in-game competition between characters, or a   competition related to the game, but not within the world itself.   "Da Grande Title Competition":   Background information:   During August and September 2003, a number of players entered suggestions   for a new title for the game. During September and October, these   suggestions are being voted on by all registered players who choose   to take part. The aim of this competition is to come up with a new   title for the game that will capture the essence of what DUMII is.   The reasoning behind this competition is that the title "DUMII" does   not create within new players a real sense of what the game is. "DUMII",   in its meaning of "Dungeons Used by Many (version 2)", is more suitable   for describing what type of engine (code) DUMII has, rather than what   it means to play the game itself. For example, one of DUMII's sister   muds is called Arcania, but still remains a DUMII-mud. By changing   DUMII's title to include more than just the name "DUMII", we can more   easily appeal to new players by giving them a clearer sense of what   the game is about.     One round of voting has been completed, with the purpose of removing   the less popular names from the list, and now a second round of voting   is taking place. In addition to the titles that passed the first round,   "DUMII" is now also being added to the voting.   The voting:     The suggestions for a new title that passed the first round have been   put up on a sign in the library in Rayshade. Once you have looked at   these titles, choose the one you like the most, and tell the number   of that choice to Huclya, the elven voting clerk. Each player has one   vote, but it is possible to change your vote if you so wish by casting   your vote again. Note that you do not get one vote per character,   only one per player.   Round two of the voting ends on Sunday 12 October 2003, provided that a   minimum of 30 votes has been received.   PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that most people have already indicated               unofficially that they wish the name "DUMII" to remain in               the new title, any other title that wins will have "DUMII"               added to it, either as "DUMII: <rest of title here>" or               "<Title here>: The Realm of DUMII". Keeping this in mind,               do not vote blindly for the "DUMII" option if your only               reasoning is to keep "DUMII" in the title. If you think that               another title will look good when joined with "DUMII", choose               that one instead. Keep in mind that the point with this               competition is to choose a title that will have meaning for               new players, and better give an idea of what the game is about.   If you have any further queries about the competition, speak to Pathor.   See also: OLDCOMPETITIONS

[ oldcompetitions ]   OLD COMPETITIONS   So far, DUMII has had only one official competition, held in July and August   of 2002. Participants were asked to send in suggestions for new actions,   with prizes going to the players who contributed the top three   suggestions, and consolation prizes to all who entered. Ten players   participated, entering three actions each. The joint winners were   Ophidion, for his action 'brandish', and Landrik, for his action   'unbelievable', each receiving 6 out of 21 votes. Close behind them   in third place was Dragnor, receiving 5 votes for his action, 'beg'.   These actions, along with many of the others entered to   the competition, will hopefully be added to the game in due course.   See also: ACTIONS, COMPETITIONS

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