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[ crosses noughts ] The game of Noughts and Crosses   Noughts and Crosses is a game played on a board with a grid of 16*16   squares. The rows are labelled with lower case letters (a to p) and   the columns are labelled with upper case letters (A to P).   The object of the game is to get five marks ('x' or 'o') in a row,   either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.   To play Noughts and Crosses, you will need a Noughts and Crosses board.   To start a game, tell the board 'setup'. To make a move, tell the board   the coordinate where you wish to place your mark, stating the row in   lower case, and the column in upper case, eg 'pA' or 'Ap', to place   your mark in the bottom left-hand corner.   See also: BINDINGS, DRAUGHTS, GAMES, KALAH, MASTERMIND, OTHELLO,             SOLITAIRE, SUDOKU

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