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[ delimiter delimeter ] DELIMITER [<new>|off]   You can type many commands on one single line, separated by a delimiter   character, eg "look;score", where ';' is your delimiter character. What   this will then do is execute the commands one after each other, with the   delimiter acting as a <RETURN> between each command.   Without argument, the delimiter command will show you what your   delimiter is. With the argument "off", it will disable the delimiter.     Any other argument will set that character to be your delimiter. Note that   you cannot use letters or numbers as a delimiter, but other characters can   be used, for example: *;:` or |. It is recommended that you do not use a   character that you tend to use a lot in written speech, though, for   example: .,'! or ?.   See also: BRIEF, COLOURS, COMPACTSTYLE, ECHO, MACROS, SETHEIGHT,             SETWIDTH, SYNTAX

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