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[ dump ] DUMP [n] <thing>   Dumping things into the Void is the main way of pleasing the gods, and   they will usually reward your work by giving you some experience. You   can find things to dump by getting things from around the world, and   can then take them to one of the Edges that touches onto the Void. The   easiest Edge to reach is straight south from the Centre of the World.   Once you have collected stuff to dump, be sure to dump it before you   quit, else you will lose it from your inventory.   When you dump things, you may have two or more things with the same   name, e.g. two rings. If you want to dump the second ring, but not the   first ring, type "dump 2 ring". This will choose the second ring to dump.   If you are aligned, it is important to remember that your god does not   like it when you dump His holy symbol.   See also: ALIGNMENTS, DROP, EXPERIENCE, GET, INVENTORY, SCORE,             SUPERHERO, QUIT

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