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[ braindead braindeath linkdeath linkdead ] BEING BRAINDEAD   Your character will go 'braindead' when you lose your connection to   the game, use the panic command or idle out. For a period of about   ten minutes after that, your character will remain in the game, even   though you are no longer connected, but it will then get logged out.   When this happens, it is the same as if you had quitted without going   braindead. Your character will be saved and any non-personal objects   you were carrying will be lost. The game will also log you out if   a recreation occurs while you are braindead.   It is important to note, though, that you can still be attacked when   you are braindead. Although it is bad form for a player to kill   braindead players, and in some cases is even punishable, other   creatures within the world will not care whether you are conscious   or not, so it is possible that you can be killed while you are   braindead. If you are going to panic or idle, it is therefore wise   to do so in a safe location.   When you are braindead, you can reconnect to the game and log in as   normal, and your character will 'regain consciousness'.   In the occasional situations when your connection dies but the game   does not realise it, or if you log in when your character is already   logged in, you will not be braindead when you enter.   In these situations, you will take over an existing connection   to your character instead, and continue as normal thereafter.   See also: DEATH, IDLING, PANIC, QUIT, SAVE

[ die death ghost ] DEATH   To die is a bad thing. Do not do it, especially not in deep water!   If you do die there are some things you need to know. You will lose   a lot of experience, any bonus points you may have, and maybe even drop   in level. Also, all the stuff you were carrying will be left with your   corpse for anyone to take, unless you find a helpful friend or even a   Wizard to get it for you. Note that Wizards seldom do it for nothing,   however, not even good ones!   When you first die, you will have to spend some time as a ghost, but you   will soon have your body back unless you are a SUPERHERO.   When a superhero dies, he/she loses all levels and experience.   See also: MINIDEATH, SUPERHERO

[ eat drink ] EAT, DRINK <thing>   When you eat and drink your wounds may be healed.   You do not have to hold the thing you intend to eat; as long as it   is dead, it might be edible.

[ mapping mstart mstop mclear mview mlook minfo mgoto mmove mremove mreplace mcreate msave mload mexit automap ] MAPPING   With these commands you can create a map that could come in handy when exploring a maze or complex cave system for instance.   Here is how the mapping works:   The first room in which you start the mapping will be numbered 01. When you enter new rooms the room numbers will be increased by one as you explore your surroundings. If you enter a room that look like an old room, the mapper assumes you have walked to the old room. This can be confusing in mazes. You can however use commands (mreplace, mremove, mmove) to renumber the rooms and alter the map-layout in a way you seem fit.   Example:     You stand in room 01 and walk south. The new room is number 02.     If you walk north from 02, you will be back in room 01.   You can look at the map anytime with mlook. The "current room" will be marked with an asterisk (*). That room can be changed with the mgoto command. With minfo you read the visited rooms' descriptions.   A room look like this on the map:           NN           +---+UU         WW|RR |EE           +---+DD           SS   RR is the room's number. WW, NN, EE, SS may be room numbers or arrow symbols pointing to other rooms in those directions. UU and DD are for up and down exits.   Needless to say, the maps can become very confusing if you don't keep track of the room numbers, so use this function wisely (or not at all).     MSTART                  - begins mapping.   MSTOP                  - stops mapping.   MCLEAR                  - clears the map.   MLOOK [<nr>|<dir>]      - look at room number or in a direction.   MINFO [<nr>|<dir>]      - information about a room.   MGOTO <nr>              - Change the "current room" on the map.   MMOVE <nr> TO <dir>    - Move a room on the map.   MREMOVE <nr> [TO <dir>] - removes the room number or the connection   MEXIT <dir> TO <nr>    - create an exit from the current room in                             direction <dir> to room <nr>.   MREPLACE <nr>          - replaces the current room with room <nr>,                             the current room will be removed and all                             exits leading to it will lead to room <nr>                             instead.   MCREATE                - creates a new room on the map.   MSAVE <1|2|3>          - saves a map for later retrieval.   MLOAD <1|2|3>          - loads a saved map.   See also: AUTOEXITS

[ minideath kickoff vortex ] MINIDEATH   A mini-death is a near-death experience that can happen to you in various   places in the world. When it happens, a vortex will open up to prevent you   from fully dying, and you will be brought back to a safer part of the world,   but stripped of any non-personal equipment and effects of spells.   See also: COLOURS, DEATH

[ reset recreate recreation ] RESET   Once upon a time, the Gods of DUMII trapped a chaos beast in the   Centre of the World to ensure the continuum of the world.   As the orderly people of DUMII gather and dump the things of the   world, they occasionally find that the resources of DUMII are nearly   exhausted. When this happens, they can gather in the Centre of   the World and ask the imprisoned beast to serve the will of the   Gods and recreate the world.   When the creature listens and restores the realm of DUMII, all the   dumped and moved things of the world are returned to their original   locations, and this is done with such an enormous speed that only   one place in the world will be safe for mortals, that being the Centre.   Bearing the above in mind, the quick thinker understands that to   recreate the world, all mortals have to be in the Centre of the World,   and no one may carry or wear anything that is not personal as it might   hurt someone severely.   All mortals have to agree to ask for a recreation, so that no one   risks losing preparations for quests, for example.

[ sheath ] SHEATH [<weapon> [[in] <sheath>]]   Sheaths a wielded weapon. If no argument is supplied, the wielded   weapon will be put in the first sheath in the inventory that can fit the   weapon.   You may instantly wield a sheathed weapon, without first taking it out   of the sheath.   See also: WIELD, UNWIELD, GRIP, WEAR, MOUNT, UNMOUNT

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