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[ fighting ] FIGHTING Every now and again, you may be attacked by a monster in the world, or occasionally by another player. Following are some commands that may help you in your battles. HERO            makes you a hero. You will not flee however bad you are hurt. BRAVE          try to flee if you have less than 1/4 of your hitpoints left. COWARD          try to flee if you have less than half your hitpoints left. WIMP            try to flee as soon as you are attacked. WIELD<weapon>  selects a weapon to fight opponents with. UNWIELD        stop wielding your weapon. SHEATH          sheaths a weapon in a suitable sheath you are carrying. WEAR<armour>    wear something that makes you harder to hit. UNWEAR<armour  take off your armour. EAT<food>      regain lost hitpoints. DRINK<food>    same as EAT KILL<someone>  makes you start hitting someone. The hit process is                 automatic. Once you have begun you will hit once per two                 seconds. FLEE            if you want to stop fighting, type 'f' and you will try to                 flee instead of hitting once per 2 seconds. FLEE<direction> same as FLEE, but in the specified direction. If you get killed when fighting you will lose score, so do not fight unnecessarily! Amateurs and up will not get a new body while their corpse is still in the game, and will have to roam the world as a ghost during that time. Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.

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