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[ hack ] GETTING HACKED This document mainly refers to the theft of DUMII passwords in April 2001, but the information is true in all cases where your password has been hacked. So someone out there knows your password. How does this affect you? For one thing, it means they can access your character in DUMII. Your password is your only protection from someone abusing your character. If something happens to your character it is your responsibility. You might be thinking they will never try to log in with your character. This is wrong. It takes a couple of seconds to check a password, no more. And then your character may be abused. Now, or a year from now. Have you used the same password elsewhere? If you have, you need to change that password as well. For instance, if you used the same password on your email account, someone might hack your email account. There are many examples of passwords you should change: characters in other muds, user accounts on other servers, irc-passwords, ICQ-passwords, etc. If you think they will never find those other accounts, think again. They know your name, they know your email, they know what aliases you have used. They may also have access to other information. For some of you out there, the hackers could be reading your email already. Do not underestimate the damage someone who knows your password can do. Get a good password now, and be sure you are the only one that knows it. For more information on how to write a good password, read "help password".   See also: PASSWORD, ^%CODEWORD

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