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[ superhero ] SUPERHERO   This command will make your character a superhero. A superhero gets   THREE TIMES as many experience points as a normal character,  with the   slight drawback that if the superhero dies, it loses ALL its points.   This command should probably not be used unless you are sure you can   take it. There is no way back. You have to use this command before   you are more powerful than a Rogue.   See also: DEATH

[ wimp coward brave hero ] WIMP, COWARD, BRAVE, HERO   HERO          makes you a hero, you will not flee however bad you are hurt.   BRAVE        try to flee if you have less than 1/4 of your hitpoints left.   COWARD        try to flee if you have less than half your hitpoints left.   WIMP          try to flee as soon as you are attacked.   See also: KILL, FLEE

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