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[ bug typo idea report praise ] BUG, TYPO, IDEA, PRAISE, REPORT [message]   Use the following commands to send a message to the administrators to inform   them of errors in the game, to offer suggestions on how the game can be   improved, or to praise any good work or features that have impressed you.   BUG:    Use this when you find something that does not seem to be working           the way it should be, or if you find something that panics or           crashes the game.   TYPO:  Use this when you find language errors such as spelling mistakes,           grammatical errors, or incorrect punctuation. These can be in           descriptions or any other output that you get from the game, but           not in things that other players say.   IDEA:  Use this when you get an idea for a new feature or for improvements           to existing places or features in the game.     PRAISE: Use this when you see something in the game that you like.           Not only is your praise appreciated by those who have worked           on the game, but it also provides valuable information on how           best the game can be improved by showing what it is about           the game that you like the most.   REPORT: Use this command for any of the above reasons, as well as for when           you have something to report that does not fall directly under one           of the above categories.   If used without a message, it shows you the last report (of any kind) that   you have made, including any comments you have added to the report.   The reports are read daily by the administrators, and all reports are   taken into consideration. Not all reports will be fixed, and sometimes   reports will be dismissed if they are inappropriate or are duplicates of   other reports. You may occasionally receive comments in response to your   reports, either through email or directly from an admin within the game.   You will not, however, be rewarded for reporting errors or ideas, other   than to see them fixed or implemented. If you think you have found a bug,   though, you are obliged to report it. Deliberately taking advantage of bugs   is a punishable violation of the rules.   If you wish to report someone for cheating, abusing emote, or any other   violation of the rules, do not use these report commands. Instead you   should send an email to register@dum.acc.umu.se or contact an admin   directly.   See also: ADMINISTRATORS, RCOMMENT, RULES

[ hideage ] HIDEAGE   This command toggles whether your age is shown in your title or not.   It is recommended that you keep this toggled on, unless it benefits   you for roleplaying reasons to hide it, for example if you are   roleplaying a young character when your age is old, or vice versa.   See also: HIDEALIGNMENT, HIDERANK, AGEING, SCORE, TITLES, WHO

[ hidealignment ] HIDEALIGNMENT   Toggles whether to reveal your alignment in your level title. This shows   in the form of an extra word in your title that varies according to level   and sometimes gender.   If it is hidden, you will get the unaligned version of the title instead of   the alignment-specific title. In other words, the alignment-specific word   will not appear in your title.   Note that you can only toggle this if you are aligned.   See also: ALIGNMENTS, HIDEAGE, HIDERANK, LEVELS, SCORE, TITLES, WHO

[ minideath kickoff vortex ] MINIDEATH   A mini-death is a near-death experience that can happen to you in various   places in the world. When it happens, a vortex will open up to prevent you   from fully dying, and you will be brought back to a safer part of the world,   but stripped of any non-personal equipment and effects of spells.   See also: COLOURS, DEATH

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