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[ introduction ] INTRODUCTION   DUMII is a multiuser adventure game set in a fantasy world. The current   idea of the game is to score enough points to advance to the next   level while having loads of fun! To get to the next level you will have   to solve intriguing problems, kill obnoxious monsters, interact with   the other players and generally figure out what you are meant to do.   The best way to start playing is reading all the helps, and then just play   around with the game for a while. Try asking the other players if there is   something you do not understand.   To start scoring you should pick up some of the odd things that lie   scattered all over the world, and then go to one of the Edges of   the World (the easiest one to reach lies straight south from   the Centre), and 'dump' your stuff into the Void. By the way, it pays   to listen when your god speaks to you! You will also gain experience by   exploring new areas of the world.   In some shops you may buy personal equipment that will stay with you when   you log off. Normal things you find in the world will not.   You can also find places where you can make your weapon/armour   personal for a small fee.   A final hint: things you have to work to find are worth more than   stuff just lying around unguarded.   See also: DUMP, EXPERIENCE, NEWBIE, REGISTRATION, SYNTAX

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