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[ inventory ] INVENTORY [short|long] [personal|nonpersonal]   This shows you a list of the things you are carrying, and whether they are   worn, wielded, gripped, mounted, or pocketed. It will also show you   how much money you have in goins.   You can choose whether you wish to see the short format of your inventory   or the long format. The short format will give you the short names of the   items you are carrying, eg "dagger" or "robe", whereas the long format will   show the full names, eg "a rusty dagger" or "a brown robe".   Without this argument, you will see whichever format you have set as your   default under the TOGGLE command.   The arguments 'personal' and 'nonpersonal' will show you only the personal   or non-personal items in your inventory, respectively.   You can also add colour to different things in your inventory by using the   COLOURS command.   See also: COLOURS, DROP, GET, PAY, PILE, POCKET, ROB, SCORE, STEAL,             TOGGLE, WEAR, WIELD

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