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[ armour armor equipment ] ARMOUR   This command shows how your armour is distributed on your body.   See also: INVENTORY, SCORE

[ description ] DESCRIPTION <message>   Use this command to describe your character's appearance for others to   see when they look at you.   Make sure that you give yourself a good fantasy description that fits   in with the character you are to roleplay. As a guideline, think about   what your character looks like, in terms of size, height, colouring,   special physical characteristics (scars, tattoos, etc), and/or racial   characteristics (elven ears, hobbit feet, etc). Avoid enforcing emotions   on others in your description, like "She fills you with fear" or "His   smile makes you feel happy inside". Also avoid describing clothing in   your description, as people can see what you are wearing from the   equipment that you have on you.   See also: ROLEPLAYING

[ dumii machine server host ip acc homepage website sid ] DUMII'S SERVER (sid.acc.umu.se)   DUMII is running on a machine hosted by ACC (Academic Computer Club)   at Umeň University in Umeň, Sweden. During the first few months of 2002,   a number of DUMII's players donated money to upgrade the machine; their   contributions are listed under the credits.   The machine runs Linux (Debian) as its operating system, and is host to   a few games, DUMII being the primary one.   DUMII's IP address is, and the port it runs on is 2001.   For more information about DUMII, visit the homepage at:   http://dum.acc.umu.se   For more information about the machine, see:   http://www.acc.umu.se/technical/hosts/hallen.html#sid   For more information about ACC (Academic Computer Club), go to:   http://www.acc.umu.se   See also: ADMINISTRATORS, CREDITS, SISTERMUDS

[ grip ungrip release ] GRIP <object> UNGRIP, RELEASE <object|all>   Grip an object to hold it more firmly. Ungrip or release to return it   to your inventory. You can grip at most two items. Wielding a one-handed   weapon, you can only grip one object. Wielding a two-handed weapon, you   cannot grip any objects.   See also: WEAR, WIELD, SHEATH

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