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[ obtaining items ] OBTAINING ITEMS INVENTORY                      see what you are carrying. DUMP<something>                dump things over the Edges to score. GET<something>                get something from the ground. GET ALL                        get all you can from the ground. GET<something>FROM<container>  get something from a container. GET ALL FROM<container>        get all you can from a container. DROP<something>                drop something to the ground. DROP ALL                      drop all loose things to the ground. DROP ALL BUT<something>        drop all loose things except one. THROW<something>AT<someone>    throw something at someone. PUT<something>IN<container>    put something in a container. GIVE<something>TO<someone>    try to give something to someone. STEAL<something>FROM<someone>  try to steal something from someone. BUY<something>FROM<someone>    try to buy something from someone. POCKET<something>              put small things in your pocket or pocket goins. UNPOCKET<something>            the opposite of pocket. GRIP<something>                grip something in your inventory Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.

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