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[ kalah ] The game of Kalah   Kalah is played on a board with two rows of six holes facing each   other. Each player owns a row of six holes and a Kalah to the left   of the row. The game starts with six stones in each hole and with   empty Kalahs.   A player begins his turn by taking all the stones from one of his   holes. Proceeding the board clockwise the player puts a stone in   each of the holes, her Kalah and skipping the opponent's Kalah.   If the player's last stone ends up in her Kalah, she will get a new   turn. If the last stone ends up in one of her empty holes, she takes   the last stone and the stones in the opposite hole and puts them in   her Kalah.   If during any player's turn one side is empty of stones, the opposite   side's stones are put in that side's Kalah and the game ends.   The first one that has more than 36 stones in his Kalah wins the game!   To play Kalah you need a Kalah board. Then you can tell the board   'setup' to start a new game, or a number to move from that hole.   See also: BINDINGS, CROSSES, DRAUGHTS, GAMES, OTHELLO, MASTERMIND,             SOLITAIRE, SUDOKU

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