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[ braindead braindeath linkdeath linkdead ] BEING BRAINDEAD   Your character will go 'braindead' when you lose your connection to   the game, use the panic command or idle out. For a period of about   ten minutes after that, your character will remain in the game, even   though you are no longer connected, but it will then get logged out.   When this happens, it is the same as if you had quitted without going   braindead. Your character will be saved and any non-personal objects   you were carrying will be lost. The game will also log you out if   a recreation occurs while you are braindead.   It is important to note, though, that you can still be attacked when   you are braindead. Although it is bad form for a player to kill   braindead players, and in some cases is even punishable, other   creatures within the world will not care whether you are conscious   or not, so it is possible that you can be killed while you are   braindead. If you are going to panic or idle, it is therefore wise   to do so in a safe location.   When you are braindead, you can reconnect to the game and log in as   normal, and your character will 'regain consciousness'.   In the occasional situations when your connection dies but the game   does not realise it, or if you log in when your character is already   logged in, you will not be braindead when you enter.   In these situations, you will take over an existing connection   to your character instead, and continue as normal thereafter.   See also: DEATH, IDLING, PANIC, QUIT, SAVE

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