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[ macros setmacro deletemacro showmacro macrolist target targets ] MACROS   When DUMII receives a command from you, it checks the first   word to see it if is the name of a macro. If it is a macro   name, the macro's text is substituted for the macro name and   the rest of the command line is given as an argument to the macro.   The macro's text can contain "$*", which is substituted with   the macro's argument when the macro is used. If the macro's   text doesn't contain "$*", any arguments to the macro are added to   the end of the line. The macro's text can also contain "$0",   "$1" ... "$9", which are substituted with target 0 to target 9.   "$e" and "$t" are set whenever you receive an esp or tell message   to the sender of the message.   Many commands can be given by the same macro, just separete them   with ":". If you want to write a ":", "$" or "\", just write a "\"   before the character.   Commands to manipulate macros:     SETMACRO <name> [TO] <text> - defines a macro.     DELETEMACRO <name>          - removes a macro.     MACROLIST                  - display the macro names.     SHOWMACRO [<name>]          - display a macro's text, without                                   argument it shows them all.     TARGET <nr>                - shows target <nr> and clears it.     TARGET <nr> [TO] <text>    - set target <nr> to <text>     TARGETS                    - display the targets.   EXAMPLES:     - setmacro x say $*, I said!     "x No" will then make you say "No, I said!".     - target 0 AdA     - setmacro y me give@me %$0 the finger! : say Die coward! : kill $0     - target 0 MiJak     "y" will then make you attack MiJak in a more colourful way...     - setmacro xxx say \\\$ can be used to say \$.     SPECIAL MACRO NAMES:     - "_login" is a special macro that is automatically used when you     login to DUMII. That can be used if there is some special command     you always want to do when you connect, like looking at the who     list or taking a peek at the high score list.     - "_reconnect" is used like "_login", but it is used when reconnecting     after being braindead.     - "_recreate" is called after a recreation.     - When using putty (and some other clients), pressing F1-F12,       INS, DEL, PGDN, PGUP, HOME or END will make DUMII try to       execute a command with that name. By using macros, any command       you wish can be executed in that way.       The cursor keys make DUMII try to execute NORT, SOUT, EAS and WES.   RULES:     In the rules section you can read:     "It is forbidden to use macros and triggers that benefit your       character in relation to other players.". This means (among other       things) that you should not write a macro that helps you walk       from one place to another.   See also: DELIMITER, RULES, PAUSE

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