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[ mastermind ] The game of Mastermind   Mastermind is a board game that you play on your own, with no need for an   opponent. The aim of the game is to guess which codeword has been set by   the board. Although it can vary from board to board, the basic setup is a   four-letter word, made up of a mix of six letters (A-F), allowing for   duplicates of letters. By default, you have ten guesses to find the right   codeword.   In order to start the game, tell the board 'setup'. After that, you   tell the board your four-letter guess, eg 'ABCD', 'ACDC', 'DEAD' or   'FFFF'. The board will then show you how many of those letters are   correct. It does this in two ways. If one of your letters is correct,   and is in the right position, it will show this as 'black'.   If a letter is correct, but is not in the right position, it will   show this as 'white'. It will not show you which are tagged as black   and which as white, but will merely show how many of each you have.   For example, if the codeword is ABFE, and you guess 'ACDF', you will get one   black (for the 'A') and one white (for the 'F').   The object of the game is to guess the codeword in as few tries as possible,   using the black and white responses to your guesses as your guide.   See also: BINDINGS, CROSSES, DRAUGHTS, GAMES, KALAH, OTHELLO,             SOLITAIRE, SUDOKU

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