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[ miscellaneous ] MISCELLANEOUS COMMANDS .                  clear the command queue. ^!                  repeat last input. ^%CODEWORD<old><new> changes your codeword. Do not forget it! ARMOUR              shows information about your armour. AUTOEXITS          toggle autoexits on or off. BRIEF              toggle long or brief room descriptions. BUG<text>          use this to report bugs. CLEAR              sends a lot of empty lines to your screen (clearing it). COLOURSHOW          shows what the different colour combinations look like. COLOURS            toggle ansi colours on or off. COLOURS            Turns colours on/off. COMPACTSTYLE        toggle compact text output on or off. CREDITS            the DUMII hall of fame. DELIMITER[char]    sets/shows the default line delimiter for you. EXPLORERS          shows a list of the highest ranked active explorers. HASBEENON          shows who has been in this BIGBANG (and if they died). HISTORY [<n>]      shows the last n amount of tells/thoughts received. IDEA<text>          use this if you have ideas for improving the game. LAST                shows when last someone was saved. LEGENDS            shows the list of successful players. LEVELS              shows details about the levels you have currently reached. LIST                shows a list of the highest ranked active players. LISTVIRTUES        shows a highscore of lost virtues. MEMORISE[<msg>]    memorise a message. NEWS                displays the latest news about the game. PANIC              use this if you HAVE to leave, and cannot 'quit'. PRAISE<text>        use this to praise the administrators :D QUIT                quit playing for now (saves you automatically). RECALL              remember what you have memorised. REPORT<text>        use this as an alias for bug/idea/typo. SAVE                (for those of you who think the game will crash). SCORE              shows how you are doing. SETHEIGHT<height>  sets/shows the screen height. SETWIDTH<width>    sets/shows the screen width. SHOWEMAIL          shows what email you are registered on TIME                shows some time related information. TYPO<text>          use this to tell us about typos. VETERANS            shows the list of veterans. VIRTUES            shows a list of virtues you have not yet lost. WHO                shows who is playing at the moment. WIZLIST            shows the list of active wizards. Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.

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