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[ mapping mstart mstop mclear mview mlook minfo mgoto mmove mremove mreplace mcreate msave mload mexit automap ] MAPPING   With these commands you can create a map that could come in handy when exploring a maze or complex cave system for instance.   Here is how the mapping works:   The first room in which you start the mapping will be numbered 01. When you enter new rooms the room numbers will be increased by one as you explore your surroundings. If you enter a room that look like an old room, the mapper assumes you have walked to the old room. This can be confusing in mazes. You can however use commands (mreplace, mremove, mmove) to renumber the rooms and alter the map-layout in a way you seem fit.   Example:     You stand in room 01 and walk south. The new room is number 02.     If you walk north from 02, you will be back in room 01.   You can look at the map anytime with mlook. The "current room" will be marked with an asterisk (*). That room can be changed with the mgoto command. With minfo you read the visited rooms' descriptions.   A room look like this on the map:           NN           +---+UU         WW|RR |EE           +---+DD           SS   RR is the room's number. WW, NN, EE, SS may be room numbers or arrow symbols pointing to other rooms in those directions. UU and DD are for up and down exits.   Needless to say, the maps can become very confusing if you don't keep track of the room numbers, so use this function wisely (or not at all).     MSTART                  - begins mapping.   MSTOP                  - stops mapping.   MCLEAR                  - clears the map.   MLOOK [<nr>|<dir>]      - look at room number or in a direction.   MINFO [<nr>|<dir>]      - information about a room.   MGOTO <nr>              - Change the "current room" on the map.   MMOVE <nr> TO <dir>    - Move a room on the map.   MREMOVE <nr> [TO <dir>] - removes the room number or the connection   MEXIT <dir> TO <nr>    - create an exit from the current room in                             direction <dir> to room <nr>.   MREPLACE <nr>          - replaces the current room with room <nr>,                             the current room will be removed and all                             exits leading to it will lead to room <nr>                             instead.   MCREATE                - creates a new room on the map.   MSAVE <1|2|3>          - saves a map for later retrieval.   MLOAD <1|2|3>          - loads a saved map.   See also: AUTOEXITS

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