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[ moving movement ] MOVING AROUND The general commands for moving are: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, UP, DOWN. When moving, you will move at different speeds, depending on your method of travel. Flying is slightly faster than running, which in turn is slightly faster than walking. Your speed can also be affected by spells. LOOK                takes a look around. LOOK<direction>    looks in a specific direction. EXITS              shows the obvious exits from where you are. AUTOEXITS          shows exits automatically when you look in a room. ENTER<something>    try to enter something. CLIMB<something>    try to climb up on something. CLIMB<direction>    try to climb in a specific direction. JUMP<direction>    try to jump in a specific direction. FOLLOW<someone>    start following someone. STOP[someone]      stop following, or try to stop someone following you. SEARCH<direction>  try to find an hidden exit. DIG<direction>      try to dig in the specified direction. HIDE                try to hide. STEPOUT            step into view again. MOUNT<something>    start riding something. DISMOUNT            stop riding. Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.

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