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[ arcania candum frandum sistermuds ] DUMII's Sister MUDS   DUMII is the original DUM-based mud, but there have been three other   games with the same code base. The first of these was CanDUMII, so named   for being based originally in Canada. The second was FranDUMII, and was   based in France. The third was Arcania, another Sweden-based game.   Of these, only FranDUMII is still active, but CanDUMII is also accessible.   They can be found at:   FranDUMII - frandum.fr ( 2001               http://frandum.fr/   CanDUMII  - candum.acc.umu.se ( 2001               http://candum.acc.umu.se/   See also: BUILT-IN-CLIENT, CLIENTS, MUD, SERVER, SOILED

[ clients tf tinyfugue zmud ashavar al ]   MUD CLIENTS   DUMII has its own built-in client; see "help built-in-client" for more   details on that. There is also the DUMII-specific client Soiled,   which you can use through your browser. Visit dum.acc.umu.se/soiled for   more details.   Other more generic mud clients you may like to try include:   TinyFugue (TF) MUD Client:        http://tinyfugue.sourceforge.net/   Ashavar's Legacy (AL) MUD client: http://www.ashavar.com/client/   Zugg's MUD Client (zMUD):        http://www.zuggsoft.com/zmud/   TF and AL are free; zMUD will require payment after a trial period.   DUMII has some support for the TinyFugue client. If you use it,   use the commands '/lp off' and '/wrap off'.   Automatic login for TF can be done with this:   /def -T'dum' -hLOGIN = %2 %; %3   /def -T'candum' -hLOGIN = %2 %; %2 %; %3   and   /addworld -Tdum dumii <name> <passwd> dum.acc.umu.se 2001   The candum world type can be used for both CanDUMII and FranDUMII.     Try to turn off HIDECODEWORD if you get a problem with   entering text after you've automatically logged in.   Although using a client is encouraged, remember that there are some   rules with regard to using clients. Avoid using text triggers and do   not make macros for walking. Do not use triggers that give your   character an unfair advantage in fighting or threatening situations.   SEE ALSO: BUILT-IN-CLIENT, MACROS, MAPPING, SOILED

[ mud ] OTHER MUD USERS There are a few differences between DUMs and other muds that can cause a bit of confusion with players from other muds. A few such examples are listed here. The main difference is that almost everything useful in a DUM is saved for higher levels. You have to earn just about everything. SHOUT      Shout is NOT heard by all players logged in; only those 'nearby'             hear it. TELL        Tell is NOT heard by a player unless that player is in the same             room as you (some muds call this command whisper). EXPERIENCE  You do NOT get experience by killing monsters. POSE        This command is your only beginner command heard by all users.             It accepts no arguments, all it does is say 'Yahoo!' to everyone. PAGE        This is the only way (at the beginning) you can get a player's             attention if they are not in the same room as you. You should also note that the command parser is very friendly. You can type any number of letters in the command you want; the game will pick the closest command to the one you type (that requires the number of arguments you type)

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