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[ names ] NAMES   Since this is a fantasy game we expect the names of the characters to   be fantasyish. Names that simply are not allowed are names of major   characters in real religions (Beelzebub, Buddha, Kali, Loke) or common   names from the real world. Do not expect to be registered if you got   your name from some famous (comic)book or movie. Also, try to avoid   names similar to those of other existing registered characters.   There is no need to have a name which is extremely difficult to spell,   since the names can always be abbreviated. So names like Xptykl or   Qbxylsaodl are not needed and you will not be registered with such   a name.   These rules are not absolute and we might look through our fingers if   you really, really, have to have that name.   Bearing this in mind we hope you choose a good fantasy name which   we all can appreciate.   See also: REGISTRATION, ADMINISTRATORS

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