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[ neutral ] NEUTRAL   The loyal servant of Reset is concerned with the balance of the world;   neither Good nor Evil may become too strong. While roaming the world   in search for treasure and/or long lost knowledge and in his/her   strife for wealth, power and/or immortality he/she may join sides with   either Good or Evil as he/she sees fit.   Many new players choose Neutrality because they do not want to choose   between Good or Evil. This is generally a bad move, Neutrality is   a path that demands quite a bit from its followers. It is not like   Neutrality would be something between Good and Evil, it is an alignment   of its own with its own church and God. The Neutral community goes its   own ways, sometimes joining the Evils, sometimes the Goods, in the ever   ongoing struggle for power.   See also: GOOD, EVIL, ALIGNMENTS

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