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[ newbie ] Help for NEWBIES (not a game command)   DUMII's help system is also available on the homepage:   http://dum.acc.umu.se/   As a new player, we recommend that you read:     * 'introduction', 'syntax', 'names' and 'registration'.   New players are automatically put into a Newbie Mode, and whilst in this   mode, you will get hints as you walk around the world. If you do not wish   to see these messages, you can toggle it off, by typing "toggle newbie".   You can at any stage toggle it back on again, though the messages are   meant mostly for low-levelled players only. Some of the messages will be   level based.   To make the game more enjoyable for everyone, we've decided on a few   rules. They are described in the "rules" section of the help system.   DUMII costs nothing to play, but we do require that you register yourself.   This is described in the "registration" section of the help system.   Should you need further assistance, talk to someone you meet or   use the WISH command to get the attention of the Immortals in DUMII.   You can also PAGE a particular person, to try get them to come to you.   See also: INTRODUCTION, NAMES, NEWBIEMODE, PAGE, REGISTRATION, RULES,             SYNTAX, TOGGLE, WISH

[ newbiemode ] NEWBIE MODE   To toggle Newbie Mode on or off, use can either type "newbiemode" or you   can use the TOGGLE command, and type "toggle newbie".   New players will automatically have the Newbie Mode toggled on.   When in Newbie Mode, you will receive hints and occasionally warnings at   various intervals, depending on where you are or what you are doing.   These messages act as a guide around the world, helping you to learn what   commands can be used, and also to show you a little about how the world   works and where some things can be found. Any given message will only be   sent to you once per session, i.e. from when you log in until you log out,   but can be sent to you again during later sessions.   These messages are geared primarily towards players of the first five   levels. By then, you should have a working knowledge of the skills   required by an adventurer in DUMII.   Of course, as a newbie you are not restricted only to the hints you get   when in Newbie Mode. You can at any stage ask others for help, especially   Wizards. To get a Wizard's attention, you can use the WISH or PAGE commands.   There is also a lot of information available in the help pages.   See also: HELP, INTRODUCTION, NEWBIE, PAGE, SYNTAX, TOGGLE, WISH

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