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[ options settings customise customize customising customizing ] CUSTOMISING your OPTIONS and SETTINGS   There are numerous options and settings that you can choose which will   customise how the game looks or works to you. The commands used to change   these include:   AUTOEXITS    (shows you the obvious exits in a room when you look)   BRIEF        (shows you only the room name when moving around)   ^%CODEWORD    (changes your codeword/password)   COLOURS      (changes what colours you see for which messages)   COMPACTSTYLE (switches between compact and uncompact styles)   DELIMITER    (separates more than one command entered at a time)   ECHO        (echoes what you say/tell to people)   HIDECODE    (this hides your codeword when you log in)   MACROS      (sets your own macros)   MAPPING      (creates and saves maps)   MEMORISE    (memorises a piece of text)   SETHEIGHT    (sets the height of how much text gets sent to your screen)   SETWIDTH    (sets the width of the text sent to your screen)   TOGGLE      (toggles some of the above options, as well as some others!)   WHOVERBOSE  (sets what information you see when you type 'who')   Type "help <command>" to see more information on each command. Do this   for "help toggle" especially, as TOGGLE has more options included than   just those listed above.   See also: BUILT-IN-CLIENT

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