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[ questing oracle ] QUESTING   Questing is an integral part of DUMII. The more experience of the world   you gain, the more quests you will receive. As you gain in power, so will   your quests become more challenging. When you receive a quest, you will   need to solve it before you can continue to gain experience, though you can   save up some experience points in the form of bonus points. Once you have   completed your quest, your bonus points will be added to your score,   you will gain a new level and will grow in power. Note that if you die   as an apprentice, you will lose your bonus points in addition to   the points you normally lose when dying.   It is not only for new levels that you will be required to quest. Many of   the spells that you can acquire can only be learned through completing a   quest. You will also come across many other small quests as you explore the   world.   If you should forget what quest you received in order to gain the next   level, you can speak to the oracle in Rayshade, and she will tell you   what you need to know. You can also speak to her about previous quests   by telling her a level's number, and she will tell you the quest   required to gain that level.   See also: BONUS, DEATH, LEVELS, SCORE, SPELLS, TITLES

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