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[ other ] OTHER COMMANDS OPEN<something>            open something. CLOSE<something>            close something.  ! use for example 'open north' ! LOCK<something>            lock something.    !    to manipulate doors      ! UNLOCK<something>          unlock something. EXAMINE<something>          take a closer look at something. GLANCE[something]          take a brief look at something. LOOK<something>            same as EXAMINE. PEEK[at]<mobile><object>    look at object in mobiles inventory. BROWSE[book-nr]<book>      turn a page in books LIGHT<something>            put something on fire. EXTINGUISH<something>      put out the fire. MOVE<something>            move something around. PAY<someone><amount>        give someone an amount of goins. PILE<amount>                make a pile of goins worth amount. ROB<someone>                try to rob someone. HIDE<something>            try to hide something. SEARCH[something]          try to find something hidden. USE<something>              applies mostly to magical items. BESTOW<pet><player>        bestow your pet to another player DESCRIPTION<text>          change what players see when they look at you. Type 'help <command>' to see more information on the given command.   See also: MAPPING MACROS

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