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[ dumii machine server host ip acc homepage website sid ] DUMII'S SERVER (sid.acc.umu.se)   DUMII is running on a machine hosted by ACC (Academic Computer Club)   at Umeň University in Umeň, Sweden. During the first few months of 2002,   a number of DUMII's players donated money to upgrade the machine; their   contributions are listed under the credits.   The machine runs Linux (Debian) as its operating system, and is host to   a few games, DUMII being the primary one.   DUMII's IP address is, and the port it runs on is 2001.   For more information about DUMII, visit the homepage at:   http://dum.acc.umu.se   For more information about the machine, see:   http://www.acc.umu.se/technical/hosts/hallen.html#sid   For more information about ACC (Academic Computer Club), go to:   http://www.acc.umu.se   See also: ADMINISTRATORS, CREDITS, SISTERMUDS

[ page ] PAGE <PLAYER>   This command will show the player where you are and that you are looking   for him/her. Stand in a room that is easy to find, and he/she might seek   you out. If he/she does not answer he/she probably does not have time to   find you, or he/she might be very far away.   Remember that most wizards do not like it when you page them too much.   Once is usually enough.   See also: POSE, DEATH

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