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[ password ] PASSWORD (not a game command)   It is your responsibility to choose a good and hard-to-hack password   for your character(s). If you do not have a good password, you run the   risk of having your character(s) abused by someone, and in those cases,   the responsibility is yours, and you will not be reimbursed for any   loss of money, equipment, experience or face. Do not expect to be   readily uncursed either.   A good password generally contains at least 6 characters, whereof at   least one special (numbers, symbols, i.e. !"#%&/()=?.,;:-_ etc.). Do   not use regular words. A good idea is to take a sentence, and use the   nth letter in each word, e.g. "Do not study, play DUMII" --> ootlU.   Mixing upper and lower case characters is also a good idea, e.g. use   "EhYllsiUoM" instead of "ehyllsiuom".   Using your character's name as password is _not_ a good idea, and people   who are found to be doing that can expect to have their passwords   changed by the administration. Using your real life name is basically   not a good idea either.   If you should forget your password, you will need to send an email to   register@dum.acc.umu.se from the email address under which you are   registered, and your password will be emailed back to you. If you no   longer have access to that email address, you will need to send in an   email from your new address, including your real name, the email address   under which you are registered, details of your character, and any other   information that you feel may convince the administrators that you are   indeed the owner of your character. Once the administrators are assured   that you are who you say you are, your password will be sent to your new   email address.   See also: HIDECODE, CODEWORD, RULES, ADMINISTRATORS, SHOWEMAIL

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