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[ play ] PLAY <thing|board>   In general, this command is an action that can be used on an object in   your inventory.   In the case of board games, it can be used to go into a special play mode   where you can enter commands directly to the board without having to "tell   board <command>". To execute commands outside of the board game, you can   use '@<command>'. To leave this mode, you type "quit".   See also: ACTIONS, GAMES, OBSERVE

[ roleplaying ] ROLEPLAYING   DUMII is a roleplaying game in which you have one of the leading parts   to play. You can compare it to a play or a film, in which actors play   the roles of characters and act through a preordinated plot. In DUMII   each player takes the role of a character of choice, a fictional   personality who may be very different from the player him- or herself.   However, unlike in a film or play, there is no fixed plot in DUMII.   Instead, the players decide exactly what they want to do in any given   situation, and then must discover if they were successful.   When playing DUMII, you are compelled to stay in character, so that you   do not ruin the game for others. Many, if not all, DUMII players are here   to get a break from reality, to act out a character in a fantasy world, to   dwell briefly in a place filled with adventure, treasures and monsters.   Please let them have their fun escaping reality for a while. Do not ask   other players where they come from, how old they are or any other real   life related questions. Most people will find you asking them such   questions very rude and that it destroys the roleplaying atmosphere.   Some people do not mind, and if you are lucky you might even make good   friends in here, but if you have to discuss real life matters, use TELL   or ASK, and do not let your real life discussions get in the way of other   people trying to play the game, else you will be spoiling the fun for   others. More preferable would be to hold real life conversations through   other media, such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, or some other instant messenger   service. DUMII is a roleplaying game and not a chatroom.   Staying in character is difficult and requires a lot of concentration   and determination. You will need to figure out what your player should   be like, not only when it comes to appearance, but also the way it   talks, what it likes and dislikes, what its history is, what its goals   are, etc. You are going to need a certain panache--a certain flair, in   portraying yourself. Take a good while to come up with a good solid   character. When playing, always remembering your character's morals and   values are paramount. Remember, however, that only the really bad   characters are unchangeable. A good roleplayer lets his or her character   evolve. For instance when you first enter this world you may be an   inexperienced teenage twat with a big mouth and too much   self-confidence, but after having explored the world, your character   might have evolved to a fully fledged adventurer.   Roleplaying is social. It brings together a number of people in order to   form a communal fantasy atmosphere often more verdant and imaginative   than one person could ever create. Whether or not the characters   cooperate, the players should. Characters may be portrayed as nice   people, as brutes, or however the players wish, but most of the   entertainment of roleplaying is the perceivable ingenuity of players'   roleplaying.   If the characters play out exciting scenes in a stylish or memorable   manner, all players have won. Bad roleplaying is the only real loss   possible. If a character dies and drops in levels, perhaps he, she or it   can return to that level some other time; if a character fails a quest,   perhaps he, she or it can return and try again later. But the point of   the game is to roleplay.   See also: TELL, ALIGNMENTS, DESCRIPTION, LANGUAGE, HOMES, RULES, ADVICE

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