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[ reset recreate recreation ] RESET   Once upon a time, the Gods of DUMII trapped a chaos beast in the   Centre of the World to ensure the continuum of the world.   As the orderly people of DUMII gather and dump the things of the   world, they occasionally find that the resources of DUMII are nearly   exhausted. When this happens, they can gather in the Centre of   the World and ask the imprisoned beast to serve the will of the   Gods and recreate the world.   When the creature listens and restores the realm of DUMII, all the   dumped and moved things of the world are returned to their original   locations, and this is done with such an enormous speed that only   one place in the world will be safe for mortals, that being the Centre.   Bearing the above in mind, the quick thinker understands that to   recreate the world, all mortals have to be in the Centre of the World,   and no one may carry or wear anything that is not personal as it might   hurt someone severely.   All mortals have to agree to ask for a recreation, so that no one   risks losing preparations for quests, for example.

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