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[ statistics regen armour armor miss attacks damage discovered spellregen ] YOUR STATISTICS REGEN;   This is how many hit points you regenerate per minute. SPELL REGEN;   This is how many spell points you regenerate per minute. Your default   spell regen is half your normal regen, rounded down. ARMOUR;   The more armour you have, the harder you are to hit. Note that if you   already have a lot of armour, adding more will not help as much as if   you had had none. MISS;   This is an estimate of how often you miss when you fight. The lower the   value, the better fighter you are. ATTACKS;   This is your chance of scoring two hits in the same round. DAMAGE;   This shows how much damage you and your weapon can do in a fight. The   higher the values, the better the damage. DISCOVERED;   This shows how large a part of the world that you have found. It increases   quickly in the beginning, but the last parts are always the hardest to find.   See also: AGE, INVENTORY, RANK, SCORE

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