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[ registration register unregistered ] REGISTRATION   To get a registered character in this game, you must send an email to   register@dum.acc.umu.se containing:   First and last name          :   Your true email address      :   Alternate email addresses    :   Character name and sex      :   Desired race                :     (for name and roleplaying purposes only. No special attributes come     with choosing a race)   Other registered characters  : yes/no     (if yes, list them and their alignments)     If this is the first character you are registering in DUMII, also tell us   how you found out about us. From the homepage? Through a friend?   If a friend, which one?   The subject of the email must be "REGISTER <charactername>", nothing else.   Always include _all_ the information mentioned above, even when re-   sending email. Sending in incomplete emails will delay your registration.   Also remember to write your emails in English, as this is the only   language spoken by all the administrators.   If you at some stage later in the game want to change this information,   mail the changes to register@dum.acc.umu.se. It is YOUR responsibility to   keep us updated with correct information.   Please note: Although free email accounts (such as hotmail, usa.net, etc)   are accepted, we prefer that you register with a real, non-free account.   When a correct registration form has been sent to the admins, it will take   a couple of days for your character to get registered. The most   time-consuming stage is when the admins are evaluating the name you   have chosen for your character. Make sure that you choose a good name   according to 'help names'. A poorly-chosen name will result in a   further delay of your registration.   Until you have registered your character, you will be unable to raise above   Foolhardy (level four).   All the registration information is, of course, kept secret by the   administrators.   See also: ADMINISTRATORS, NAMES, PRIVACY, RULES, SHOWEMAIL

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