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[ rules ] RULES   DUMII is not really a computer game - it is a social game. The rules are   here so that you compare yourself with others in a fair way. This means   that cheating will not just be a quick way to gain points, money or   other material things, it will also make you a liar every time someone   admires your achievements.   As always, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse so you better   read and remember them.   1 The most important rule of all is:     Remember that there is a real human being behind every character! It     is important to consider other people's feelings when you are interacting     with them. Do not let your own real life emotions cause you to act     foolishly or irresponsibly within the game.   2 You are 100% responsible for your characters. If someone gets hold of     your password and does nasty things, YOU will be held responsible.     Put an effort in coming up with good passwords that are hard to figure     out and change them often to avoid your characters getting hacked.   3 You are NOT allowed to play with a character that does not belong to     you. That includes trying to figure out someone's password, even if you     do not intend to play with the character.   4 You are NOT allowed to cooperate with your own characters in any way.     You cannot do anything with one character that will benefit one of your     other characters. You are also not allowed to be logged on with more     than one character at a time.   5 It is forbidden to use macros and triggers that benefit your character     in relation to other players. Do NOT use triggers that give your     character an unfair advantage in fighting or threatening situations.   6 Do NOT use other characters to revenge something that was done to     another character of yours. Keep your characters separate in every aspect.   7 Do NOT kill others for real life reasons. Keep DUMII and real life     separate.   8 Although player killing is allowed, if it is excessive or without     good reason, it can lead to punishment of your player-killing     character. Do not kill other players without good reason, and do     not repeatedly kill the same player or annihilate someone who is of     a much lower level than you. Duels or fights that are stemmed in     roleplaying are not discouraged, but senseless or repeated player     killings will be appropriately punished, because they lead only to a     negative atmosphere within the game.   9 Quests are sacred. You are not allowed to cooperate with another player     when solving quests. Quests are in all cases to be done alone. This     applies in real life as well. Do not have other players peeking over     your shoulder when you quest. 10  Consider quests the national secrets of DUMII.     You may NOT share any information about a quest with another player.     The only hint you are allowed to give is the general direction from     Centre of World, e.g. North, West or North-east. Further hints can     only be obtained from Wizards. 11 You are obligated to do your very best to avoid receiving knowledge     about quests in an illegal manner. If you meet a person who wants to     give you information about a quest, say 'NO'. 12 You are not allowed to gather points for other players. You are however     allowed to help a player get equipment that he/she can personalise     and you can go out and explore the world together (but not the     level quests, spell quests or other important mini-quests, of course). 13 Collecting goins with one of your characters to give to another is not     allowed. You can, however, help other players collect goins, and can loan     them goins as well. These loans are expected to be paid back at a later     date. Note that these rules also apply to transfers at the bank.   14 Guest is for the use of new players wanting to have a look around.     It is strongly encouraged that you create a real character as soon as     possible, so that other new players get a chance to use Guest. If you     have other characters, you are not allowed to use Guest under any     circumstances (unless it is, for some reason, impossible to log in with     all your real characters). 15 You are obligated to report any cheating you encounter to the admins. 16 Certain rules also exist concerning the language in DUMII; read them.     (Help language) 17 You are obligated to report any bugs that you find without trying     to exploit them. 18 Sexual harassment is frowned upon, and can lead to punishment,     depending on the severity of the case in question. 19 Roleplaying is to be adhered to at all times in public. Only in private     conversations, away from public places, may you have real life     discussions, if it is really necessary. If another player should enter     the room you are in, thus making that room 'public', you are obliged to     begin roleplaying for that player's benefit. Remember that DUMII is not     a chat. There are other means of communication besides a fantasy RPG.     Breaking any of the above rules will lead to a proper punishment of the   player.   Severe cheating, for example giving another player a step-by-step guide   on how to solve a quest, will probably lead to banning.   Rumour has it that known cheaters carry a ball and chain around their   ankles.   It is not a right to play DUMII; it is a privilege.     See also: ADVICE, CODEWORD, PASSWORD, BUG, ADMINISTRATORS, LANGUAGE,             REPORT, ROLEPLAYING, PRIVACY

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