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[ setheight height ] SETHEIGHT <nr>   This sets the screen-height of your terminal. It is used to give you a   chance to read long notes, and long help texts. It is used on almost all   long texts. <nr> works in the same way as it does for SETWIDTH and   the minimum screen height is eight lines.   When a text is longer than your configured screen-height, a [RETURN]   prompt will be shown, indicating that there is more text. Simply   pressing return will show the next page of text. If a normal command   is written, the rest of the text is discarded, if that is not   wanted, the command can be prefixed with a @ character, ie "@look".   The "repeat" command can be used to repeat the current text page,   the "tail" command can sometimes be used to just show the end of   the text and if the text is really long, "find" can be used to find   a word in the text.   See also: COLOURS, SETWIDTH, DELIMITER, ECHO, BRIEF, COMPACTSTYLE

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