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[ setwidth width ] SETWIDTH <nr>   This sets the width DUMII uses for wrapping text, making tables look   "right" etc. Please notice that if your screen width is less than 80   characters, some maps, tables and other "graphical" images might be   distorted.   SETWIDTH can be used in two ways:   * If <nr> is a value larger than 40, DUMII will always use that     value for your screen width and adopt texts and tables for that.   * If <nr> is equal to, or less than zero, then the screen width will     be as wide as your window's width plus <nr>. Some clients are buggy     and don't support sending the window's width at all. DUMII will     assume the window is 80 characters wide in those cases.     Some clients don't send the new width when the window is resized.   Examples:   -SETWIDTH 79       DUMII will assume your window is 79 characters wide.   -SETWIDTH -3       If your window is 90 characters wide, DUMII will use 87.   See also: COLOURS, SETHEIGHT, DELIMITER, CLIENTS, BRIEF, COMPACTSTYLE

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