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[ arcania candum frandum sistermuds ] DUMII's Sister MUDS   DUMII is the original DUM-based mud, but there have been three other   games with the same code base. The first of these was CanDUMII, so named   for being based originally in Canada. The second was FranDUMII, and was   based in France. The third was Arcania, another Sweden-based game.   Of these, only FranDUMII is still active, but CanDUMII is also accessible.   They can be found at:   FranDUMII - frandum.fr ( 2001               http://frandum.fr/   CanDUMII  - candum.acc.umu.se ( 2001               http://candum.acc.umu.se/   See also: BUILT-IN-CLIENT, CLIENTS, MUD, SERVER, SOILED

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