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[ soiled ] SOILED   Soiled is DUMII's own browser-based MUD client, and can be found at   http://dum.acc.umu.se/soiled.   There are various commands that you can use with the client, and they   are as follows:     /addinput <text> - adds <text> to the input buffer.     /alias - lists defined aliases.     /alias <name> - displays the <name> alias' <value>.     /alias <name> <value> - binds <name> as an alias to <value>.     /font [<size> <font name>] - list fonts or change it.     /help <topic> - read about <topic>.     /help topics - a list of available topics.     /set - list defined variables.     /set <name> - displays the variable's value.     /set <name> <value> - sets the variable.     /unalias <name> - removes the alias.     /unset <name> - removes the variable.   You can access these commands within Soiled by typing '/help'.   Local commands start with a '/' character. If you really want to send   such a command to the server, write an extra '/' character before it.   See also: BUILT-IN-CLIENT, CLIENTS, MACROS, MAPPING, SERVER

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